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Making lasting life changes doesn’t have to be a slow, painful process. In fact, generating sound perspectives & habits—new ways to be and live—can be a sparkling, satisfying journey.

I bet you’re ready. I’m here to accompany you.


My coaching packages are designed to help you develop positive, lifelong habits so you can:

✦ Create self-care & well-being routines.
✦ Move your body every day.
✦ Choose, make, and eat foods that are good for you.
✦ Whisk tasks off your desk.
✦ Set boundaries.
✦ Have a joyful relationship with your calendar.
✦ Develop courage.
✦ And whatever else you can envision.


My journey with Shelly these past 6 months has been so much more than food. I have a journal full of changes I've made to my life. Energy, exercise, healthy eating habits, tools to deal with my anxiety, self-awareness, tools to help my children, self-care, self-love. And the list is still growing! It isn't always easy but I have accountability and support in my coach. The decision to do this for myself is one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thank you Shelly Haas for what you do for me and so many other people! You are a gift!”

- Sarah Hogden


I'm Shelly Haas.

As a well-being coach, I work with a lot of people who are simply exhausted. 

Maybe they’re tired of strict diets and exercise programs that never seem to work. Maybe they’re eager to make the second half of life healthier than the first. Maybe they’re tired of giving (and giving) and never feeling like they have time to seek happiness for themselves.

Perhaps, instead, they want to discover how to eat in a way that sustains instead of shames. Or to integrate health habits, like exercise and stress management, into their lives. Or to approach each morning with energy and end the day feeling like it was balanced and worthwhile. 

They definitely want to feel better. Or they want better than better: They want to pursue personal growth and fulfillment so they can feel gloriously healthy and empowered

I want to help people like this—like you, perhaps—to find another, more vibrant, way to be.


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