Success Isn't Linear

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Success In Anything Is Not Linear


I saw this video the other day and it struck me so deeply. 

It's the best visual representation I have ever seen of how our success with anything in life is not linear.


Success Is Not Linear Video

(Just 90 seconds to watch it!)


We so often expect our journey to be linear, and definitely want it to be.


You work the steps. 

You learn what you need to.

You take the actions. 

You practice. 

You expect to arrive at this place by just walking up the steps. 


But what actually happens is you falter & stumble.

You get back up. 

You go off track. 

You get back on.

You fall down. 

You get back up.

You fall down again. 

You get back up again. 


We can live so much of our lives just waiting to get to a place we are working towards.

Feeling frustrated that we aren't there yet. 

Thinking that we are failing because we keep falling down. 


The reality is that our journeys are rarely linear. 

Falling down is to be expected. 

It's not failure.

It's normal. 

It's part of the journey. 

It's part of the learning process. 


So often, what we learn when we fall down is what we need to understand to "get there". 


I think it's important to remember this. 

To know that falling down is never failing - it's simply part of the journey. 

A journey that we could all benefit from enjoying more rather than just waiting to feel great once we 'get there'. 


Be proud of your journey, wherever you are at. 

Be proud that you are taking the steps, faltering, then taking more steps. 

Be proud that you are working towards the things that you want, even when you land flat on your face. 


Don't wait to be happy or feel fulfilled once you 'get there'. 

Relish in this journey & the learnings that come with it.

Be gentle with yourself when you fall down, and know that it's normal. 


If you didn't click on the link and watch the video - do yourself a favor and take 90 seconds out of your day to watch it. 


This video will now live in my mind to remind me that when I fall down, it simply means it's time to bounce back up & take the next step. I hope it does that for you too. 


With Love, 



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