When I first came upon Shelly I had recently enrolled in an in-patient program for disordered eating that had secretly ravaged my life for almost 30 years. I was emotionally exhausted and held little hope for a future that entailed any hope or happiness. After enrolling in my recovery program, I wanted to support my recovery efforts by working one on one with a coach to establish habits & behaviors that supported my goal of living to my fullest potential. Fast forward to three years later and I can say with confidence that Shelly’s unique and intuitive approach to coaching is what not only saved my life but helped create a life better than I could have ever imagined. Shelly is compassionate, relatable, and has an undeniably intuitive gift for healing. I am forever changed because of this talented, compassionate, beautiful human and I am filled with gratitude for her gifts.

- Soirse Lee

"I needed a plan to reach my goals rather than rehashing why my current situation was unhealthy, which is what I had been doing. Continued stress from the toxic work environment I was in caused me health issues. I sought out a coach to make a more active plan. I knew what I wanted but didn't know how to go about it. I met Shelly through a recommendation from a close friend and I found her to be the best choice.

On day one she asked me what my vision was, what was it that I wanted. She asked me what my expectations of her were and we set mutual expectations right away. Shelly is sincere and whip-smart. She knew when I was slacking and by the end of our sessions, I had nearly all of the things I had envisioned. For those items that weren't quite there, I was on the path to getting it done. It was the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced. It was like things just fell into place. I highly recommend Shelly to help. She is an active listener with a lot of compassion who also knows when to nudge you back on track."

~S. Jackson

Yesterday was my 6-month marker for working with Shelly Haas, my wellness coach. 6 months ago I was looking for someone to help me with eating better. Over the years I'd tried many things on my own but could never sustain it.

I was fed up with myself. I was tired of being tired. I wanted my energy back. I wanted to enjoy being a Mom again, the list was/is so so long. I did a ton of research, asked for referrals and "interviewed" a couple of people in my quest for help. When I found Shelly I found someone that I didn't even know I was looking for.

My journey with Shelly these past 6 months has been so much more than food. I have a journal full of changes I've made to my life. Energy, exercise, healthy eating habits, tools to deal with my anxiety, self-awareness, tools to help my children, self-care, self-love. And the list is still growing! It isn't always easy but I have accountability and support in my coach. The decision to do this for myself is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Thank you Shelly Haas for what you do for me and so many other people! You are a gift!

~Sarah Hogden

"I initially reached out to Shelly because I was looking to lose weight and eat healthier. I had tried every workout and eating program that existed. I would always have short-term success but nothing would ever stick. I felt like I was trying the same thing over and over again just in a different program. I was stuck! Shelly’s approach to building healthy habits over time made more sense than counting calories, macros, and doing extreme workouts. Shelly has been my coach for 2 years now and she has given me a new perspective in every aspect of my life. The things I have learned from Shelly go way beyond eating healthy and losing weight. Every time we meet we uncover a new area for growth. Shelly’s humility leaves me feeling understood, never judged, and fully supported. I am a better version of myself because of Shelly’s coaching. Working with Shelly is one of the best investments I have made for myself!"

~ Sarah Hodgen

“I reached out to work with Shelly because I desired growth in my inner skills, support, focus, feedback, & accountability as I was about to launch my healing practice. I had a lot of confidence to build so that I could move forward. She helped me to address so many aspects of my life including diet, lifestyle, methods of ‘getting shit done’, organization, & self-care on all levels. I developed more structure in my life through developing daily routines around everything from managing my schedule & completing tasks efficiently to prepping healthy food. Shelly helped me get out of my own way and provided me the support & personal tools I needed to take the steps to move forward in my life & launch my business. My life feels organized & balanced, I more effectively manage my time, and I take good care of myself. I feel so much more solid in who I am as a result of our work together. Shelly coaches & mentors from a place of lived experience and integrity. It’s obvious that this work is truly her higher path, and she walks her talk, too! She is a treasure of skills & tools to build a lifestyle of well-being. I felt validated, seen, understood, and supported by Shelly in her calming way.”

~Molly O.

"At the time we met, I was experiencing much grief in my personal life and was stuck in a very hard negative cycle. I had read books and was beginning to do the research, but was feeling lost in all the information and didn’t know what exactly I needed and who I should talk with about my life's issues. Shelly helped me realize my own power and gave me a sacred space to feel vulnerable. She saw me, listened to me, and extended a warm hand to help without judgment. My life has drastically changed so much since starting to work with her. I left a stressful job, I have learned to set boundaries, be more gentle on myself, not such a self-hatred critic. I am learning self-love. Working with Shelly has helped me in so many ways not only with my own work but as a family we have grown tremendously. My relationship with my husband and daughter has drastically changed for the better because of this work. Shelly has provided me with so many useful resources, that I can't thank her enough! I feel so good after each session and laser-focused on what I need to do. I feel as though my life is on track and I am well on my way to finding my true self and loving me."

~ Kristin Thunderhawk

I reached out to work with Shelly from a need for balance in my life, while also wanting to be more effective. Through our work together, I’ve gained a sense of work-life balance, self-appreciation, and benefitted so much from the encouragement and accountability. I learned to be more in balance - to do the hard things AND to make time for rest. I believe Shelly’s wide and deep background and honest hard work on her own evolution make her a great coach. Her guidance is priceless. Shelly is intuitive, pleasant, helpful, and non-judgemental. She will help you in revealing answers you may already have, as well as offer great advice. If you are considering working with her - go for it!”

~Robin Healy

"I reached out to work with Shelly as I was recovering from surgery, struggling in my relationship, and really needed to reground myself. I needed a fresh start. I tried self-motivation and realized that I needed some support. I loved the reflective questions asked and the time to contemplate to get the clarity that I needed in sessions. Since working with her, I’m back on track with my self-care, making better food choices, I have more awareness, and I’ve developed more courage to set boundaries in my life. I’ve learned to be more tender with myself, applying more self-empathy, and self-acceptance, and I’ve gained so much perspective. I feel more contentment in my life with the changes that I made. Shelly is intuitive, smart, kind, and gentle. She’s a good communicator and truly cares about her clients. She has an appealing energy of care and a genuine interest in people, and she puts the power in her client’s court by asking how they want to do their work with her."

~Lisa Illahee

Shelly continually provides me with a safe & sacred space to unload my self-limiting beliefs, loathing and labels.

I have been working with Shelly for more than a year now, and I don’t ever see myself not wanting her in my corner throughout life. When I met Shelly I felt an immediate connection with her. At the time we met, I was dealing with some very heavy grief, guilt and shame. Shelly continually provides me with a safe & sacred space to unload my self-limiting beliefs, loathing and labels. She helps me see them for what they really are and what is at the root of those feelings, then she helps me nurture myself with self-love guidance and resources. If and when I have an extremely hard day, I can reach out to her and she is right there with encouraging words and excellent resources to help me on my journey to finding my true self. I absolutely love working with Shelly and can not say enough wonderful things about her!! If you are feeling unsure about your life, please, reach out to her. She listens and lives from the heart. Thank you for showing up for me, Shelly. You have taught me how to show up for myself and my family with love.

- Kristin Thunderhawk

"I initially reached out to work with Shelly because I appreciated her carefree energy at the clinic where I worked. I thought, “ hmm how can cultivate some of that for myself?” I worried about wanting a future that looks a certain way and running out of time to get it. I was experiencing a lot of sadness and anger around a recent breakup. I also knew my self-care could be better and was struggling to build it back up. I was feeling restless, uneasy, doubtful, & angst.

Through our work, I revamped my love for healthy food, developed the tool of “ flipping the script’ in moments where I am devaluing myself or a situation, strong reinforcement of good, daily habits, and I've gained additional life tools in my ever-increasing toolbox. The biggest value I got out of the entirety of coaching is the reinforcement of my own strength and resiliency. If you are considering working with Shelly - DO IT! You won’t regret it."

~ Jes Hurrle

“I’ve done therapy before, but that's not what I needed. I needed some more practical ideas for exploration of places I was uncertain about and looking for change. Through working with Shelly, I was able to put more framework and specifics around some changes I was interested in, but had not developed. She didn't tell me what to do, or use any kind of formula or stock plan - She helped me figure out my own plan, and feel like I had the tools to make them happen. I felt validated, and I felt I had the strengths and skills I need to continue working on the things that are important to me when we finished our work together. Shelly is completely approachable, calm, friendly, and professional. I would absolutely recommend working with her.”

~ Amy Bertrand

"My intention was to become aware of deep-rooted emotions involving food. I walked away with a sense of empowerment and a lot of realizations on why I do what I do. New self-awareness around my relationship with food, new awareness regarding how I use food as comfort mostly around fear. A new awareness around how I perceive myself and knowledge for redirecting my thinking. It was one of the best personal growth experiences I've ever had."

B.H. - Olympia, WA

“Working with Shelly has been such a pleasure - she really is a breath of FRESH air, especially for me! I tend to be wound a bit tight and inpatient but her way of coaching and helping me along has been so amazing. She is a great listener and really has the ability as a coach to hold the space for you to grow and change. It's amazing to think back to when I started with her! I'm in a such a happier, healthier, and overall better place! I wouldn't hesitate to work with her whether you have health issues or need support in starting over - I was kind of both and she was just what I needed!”

~ Sarah K. - Chicago

“I found Shelly when I was in a very vulnerable place in my life. I felt as though I was in a spiral downward. However, when I showed up to one of her workshops, I had no idea that I would feel like I was in the exact place at the exact moment I should be. I ended up working with her privately. Shelly is so honest and I have never felt so safe being honest and open with someone and receptive to their feedback. I am in a much better space than when I started in so many ways.

I loved the coaching I received. You really helped me see things in a different light. You brought safety to the conversation. I felt so safe and connected to talking with you.”


Shelly is a fantastic wellness coach. She always asks me the questions I really need to be asked, is a great listener, and doesn’t try and push any agenda. Over the past several months, she has helped me actually change my way of thinking, something I honestly never knew was possible. I highly recommend speaking with Shelly if you are struggling with any transitions or changes in your life. Her kindness and joy are authentic, and you won’t regret working with her!


"My work with Shelly has been truly transformative. Over the time I’ve worked with her, I’ve learned to listen to myself, trust myself, and love myself. I now have better ways of dealing with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain, as well as a better relationship with food. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone willing to dive in and do the work. She’s an amazing guide."

~ Amanda Finley

"Shelly helps me with what is most important to me in life in our work, identifying the best steps in reaching my goals. These goals can be anything I chose as a client, for example, with how I aim to feel physically or emotionally, betterment in my interactions or lifestyle, navigating work conflicts, or simply helping me be my own best advocate. It is more helpful than I would have imagined having someone dedicated to this with innovative strategies focused specifically toward supporting my dreams and goals. Shelly listens deeply & intelligently and without imposing any judgments. She tailors each session to my needs. She always shows up with kindness, professionalism, and a genuine focus on me and supporting my success."

~ Molly Gleizes.

I was at a major life transition and felt that a coach would guide and encourage my steps as I forged ahead into the unknown. I gained so many benefits from my sessions with Shelly. Despite her peaceful and calm demeanor, there lies a powerful and strong woman who knows her craft and is not afraid to speak the truth in our time together and always kept us on track. I gained insight into my life mission and goals. She gave me tools to utilize outside of our sessions. These nuggets of wisdom are so valuable and I took them to heart and have used them in my own life and will continue to do so. I feel more centered as a person as a result of my coaching and ready to move forward with my life with more clarity in what’s next!! I am looking forward to all that the future has in store for me because of Shelly's guidance and thoughtful encouragement! To someone considering coaching with Shelly, I would say, you have nothing to lose and only much to gain. She will share herself with you, be real, be present and assist you in finding what may be blocking your path to greatness. I am very grateful for my time with Shelly.

~Valerie Adams

I was unhappy with myself and feeling stuck when I decided to go to an afternoon workshop called Life Balance 101", hosted by Shelly.. In the class, Shelly provided a lot of information that helped me learn about myself and how I was viewing my life. After attending a few of her workshops and guided meditations I decided to work with her one-on-one and was transformed by the experience! Shelly provided a calm, caring, supportive and non-judgmental environment that allowed me to make incredible changes in my life. She taught me about health and nutrition that gave me the knowledge I needed to change my diet, giving me the energy, clarity, and good health to put in the work and effort to make this shift possible! I decided to follow and learn more about my passions by going back to school and I have put down roots in the community where I am making a new life for myself. Thanks to Shelly's support and guidance I feel I have really grown into my authentic self and have gained more knowledge and new perspectives to carry along with me through my life journey! I recommend Shelly’s coaching to anyone who is ready for a change and shift in their life. She will provide you with a caring and supportive atmosphere to help you realize and achieve your goals. She can also hold you accountable and will keep you on track to achieving them, giving you the greatest gift of all, the physical manifestation of your dreams that you didn't think were possible! Thank you Shelly, much gratitude and appreciation for all your help!

Leanne J.

“When I reached out to work with Shelly, I was hundreds of pounds overweight with bad skin, insomnia, terrible acid reflux, excruciating constant stomach pain, terrible credit, and an absolutely beautiful marriage to my soulmate and two wonderful creative and intelligent children that loved me and wanted what was best for me. I was at a crossroads.

I tried individual and group therapy, medication, naturopathy, and more than a few different fad-diets. I tried exercise programs, personal trainers, read books and articles on many different subjects, and nothing met me where I was at and also provided follow through that I needed. Nothing was the right mix of “plan” and “do” and nothing engaged my mind, body, and emotions. I couldn’t find the right fit.

I wanted to be able to touch my toes. To sleep all night. To feel no stomach pain for a whole day. To not feel rage for one day. To be proud of myself. To teach myself something new. To follow through.

I wanted to be inside my body and feel a connection to the food I eat and the air I breathe. I wanted to know what my body needs before a medical professional could tell me. I wanted to not feel sick all the time, and I wanted my food to heal me.

I wanted a different mindset, one that could serve me long term. I wanted to not be scared. I wanted hope and a future of my own choosing. I wanted to be good at celebrating myself and others. I wanted true balance.

For me… Every. Single. Thing. Has. Changed.

My mindset has evolved, and I’m continually learning new ways to take care of myself and others in a healthy way. There are experiences and trauma that I’ve been chewing on for years that I have been able to move into a better place with and coexist. I know how to work through an emotion, or an idea with solid perspective and pro action.

My body has changed. I’ve lost over 60lbs and 35 inches. Even though I have a long way to go, my body is changing. I am in my body now, and it’s absolutely everything I thought it would be.

There isn’t a goal or desire I had when I began working with Shelly that I haven’t either accomplished or refined into a better or more ambitious goal or desire.

The perspective of myself and the world around me has fundamentally changed. The things I value are different, and therefore my goals and plans are different as well.

I am capable of greatness. I know that I have the emotional, mental, and physical tools to do whatever I need and want to do.

I like the collaborative agreement between us. I’m not being told what to do… it’s all about working together to align truth with my perspective, then allow the natural fruit of that reality to grow.

I feel confident in my ability to continually make a new life. Through struggle and pain and growth, I have hope and skill.

My heart is healed, my anger is gone, my mind is clear, and my spirit is strong.

My marriage is better, my relationship with my kids is better, my job is more secure, my professional future is brighter, my credit is better, my home is more harmonious, and my sleep is regenerative.

Working with Shelly has had an incredible impact in every aspect of my life. Every success I’ve mentioned is in part because of her and her work.

Sessions with Shelly allow space and perspective. I am allowed to feel the lightness or heaviness of the moment without judgement. I have space for that. My actions or plans beyond that are also mine. I own them.

Shelly comes along side me to offer guidance and perspective and I feel that's something between us that grows or shrinks depending on the need of the moment or the subject. That is a gift. It’s beyond intuition, it’s healing energy, and I respond well to that.

What I would say to anyone considering working with Shelly...

Life happens so quickly and yields such a finite number of days. What is it worth to you to be of a clear mind? How can support and accountability be something that isn’t needed?

Whether the struggle is small or large in your perspective, working with Shelly is a proper adaptation to not only that struggle but to your body, mind, and spirit’s ability to embrace that struggle… to learn from it… to put it down or pick it up… to coexist with it.

Skills are learned, not innate. Learn from yourself, from others, and grow.”

B.A. Hanson

The biggest value I got out of the entirety of coaching is the reinforcement of my own strength and resiliency.

initially reached out to work with Shelly because I appreciated her carefree energy at the clinic where I worked. I thought, “hmm how can cultivate some of that for myself?” I worried about wanting a future that looks a certain way and running out of time to get it. I was experiencing a lot of sadness and anger around a recent breakup. I also knew my self-care could be better and was struggling to build it back up. I was feeling restless, uneasy, doubtful, & angst. Through our work, I revamped my love for healthy food, developed the tool of “ flipping the script’ in moments where I am devaluing myself or a situation, strong reinforcement of good, daily habits, and I've gained additional life tools in my everincreasing toolbox. The biggest value I got out of the entirety of coaching is the reinforcement of my own strength and resiliency. If you are considering working with Shelly - DO IT! You won’t regret it.

- Jess Hurle