Shelly Haas Wellness Coach workshops and courses for women to live a healthy lifestyle and have health results that last.

Upcoming Online Workshops

Guided Visualization Meditation Workshop: Cultivating Self Love

Get cozy in the comfort of your home and be guided through a full-body relaxation, and a guided visualization meditation with plenty of time to destress, tap in, and do some powerful inner work. Connect and share with the group after the meditation. 

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Staying On Track Workshop

Leave Behind the frustration of continually falling off track and learn to stay consistent with any wellness habits & routines that you want to maintain - so that you can physically and mentally feel great!

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Available Courses

Master Meal Prep YOUR Way!

A 6-Week Group Course Where You Develop The Skills You Need To Feel Confident In Making Delicious & Nourishing Food Convenient For Yourself, So It's Easy To Be Consistent With Healthy Eating. 

Begins on May 8th, 2024! 


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The Foundation Of A Healthy Relationship With Food

A supportive women's group program where you will cultivate mindfulness, nurture a new mindset on food, and develop habits for a consistently healthy way of eating so that you can feel fabulous in your mind & body long term.

Begins on January 31st, 2024! 


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Sensibly Sweet

A 5-week group program where you'll focus on cultivating mindfulness, changing your relationship to sugar, and educating yourself with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for yourself so that you can minimize sugar in your life without feeling restricted and feel great in your body long term. 

Begins on October 18th, 2023! 


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Overcome Overeating

A 4-Week Group program where you'll focus on cultivating mindfulness, changing how you relate to food, and developing the skill and habit of listening to your body, along with practical tools to develop a way of feeding yourself the amount of food that's just right for you and supports you in feeling great in your body long term. 

Begins on September 6th, 2023! 


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