Self-Discovery Happens Together

Discovering a new life direction and developing solid well-being practices are not solo endeavors. Your path will be smoother—and more successful—if you have someone at your side who’s committed to your growth, cares about your progress toward your goals, and is equipped to help.

As a well-being coach, I create a healthy, safe environment for self-exploration. And I love being a companion to people as they embrace new ways of being.

My coaching and mentoring practice is all about exploration, imagination, reinvention, and joy. Meeting together, we create a space where you can sink into the one-of-a-kind possibilities for your life.

We begin with a free discovery session, so we can each determine if I’d be a good guide for you on your journey.

If you decide to work with me, you choose a just-right coaching package for you and fill out an intake form where you tell me your hopes and expectations.

Then we dive into the work. I craft each hour-long session around goals and hopes you have for your life, whether it’s about transforming your food routines, developing supportive lifelong habits, releasing negativity, nurturing self-love, making a big life change, or anything else you can envision that will contribute to your health and happiness.

As we progress, you and I will celebrate successes, check-in on your progress, shift your goals to meet changing needs, and create structure so you’re equipped to continue moving forward.

Want to know if hiring me as your coach would be right for you?


On day one Shelly asked me what my vision was, what was it that I wanted. She asked me what my expectations of her were and we set mutual expectations right away.
Shelly is sincere and whip-smart. She knew when I was slacking and by the end of our sessions, I had nearly all of the things I had envisioned. For those items that weren't quite there, I was on the path to getting it done. It was the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced. It was like things just fell into place. I highly recommend Shelly to help. She is an active listener with a lot of compassion who also knows when to nudge you back on track.

- S. Jackson

My Individual Packages

Sequoia $587/month

One of the Pacific Northwest’s most majestic trees, the deep-rooted Sequoia can live for up to 3,000 years and is extremely adaptive to stress.

Tap your deepest roots (and reach your highest heights) with my most focused package. We’ll meet for three sessions per month—the first, second, and third weeks—to unearth your potential, discern the structure of your truest self, and map the path ahead.

This package requires a 5-month commitment.
60-minute sessions three times each month


Silver Fir$387/month

Straight and true, the Silver Fir is abundant and reliable in forests throughout the Cascadia region.

Center your intentions, create durable well-being habits, and find your way forward with my twice-monthly package. We meet the first and third weeks of each month to help you develop a farreaching vision for your life and habits for health and happiness.

This package requires a 5-month commitment.
60-minute twice-monthly sessions.



The Engelmann spruce has a strategy for survival: it grows slowly but it’s long-lived.

These monthly meetings help you re-root, re-commit, and fine tune your well-being practice. For clients who have worked with me previously for at least five months.

This package requires a 5 month minimum commitment.
60-minute monthly sessions.


*A limited number of partial scholarships are available each year for lower-income clients. Get in touch to inquire.


My life has drastically changed so much since starting to work with her. I left a stressful job, I have learned to set boundaries, be more gentle on myself, not such a self-hatred critic. I am learning self-love. Working with Shelly has helped me in so many ways not only with my own work but as a family we have grown tremendously. My relationship with my husband and daughter has drastically changed for the better because of this work. Shelly has provided me with so many useful resources, that I can't thank her enough! I feel so good after each session and laser-focused on what I need to do. I feel as though my life is on track and I am well on my way to finding my true self and loving me.

- Kristin Thunderhawk

I offer group sessions, too!

Group sessions are a great way for your networking group, workplace team, or even your friend group to work on achieving group goals, learn to support each other, and simply enjoy a sense of camaraderie. Get in touch to chat about your vision for your group and to explore options for working together.

I also run group programs that focus on particular intentions throughout the year, such as healthy eating, creating routines and selflove. To get notifications, sign up for my newsletter, where you can find out about upcoming workshops and other offerings.

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