Your Daydreams Are Important

Apr 13, 2022
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Your daydreams are important.

The first time I saw a mountain range I was about 10 or 11 years old.

My parents and I took a road trip to Colorado. I'll never forget the feeling I experienced the first time I laid my eyes on the Rocky Mountains. I can bring myself back to that moment in time so easily.

Growing up in the southern plains of Minnesota, such a different landscape, I was in complete awe of the beauty of the mountains.

We lived on 5 acres in the country with a little grove of trees surrounded by flat corn & bean fields as far as the eye could see.

After taking in the view of those majestic mountains as a kid, I remember so often sitting on a big tree stump at the edge of our grove of trees at dusk, staring at layers of clouds floating on the horizon. I would squint my eyes as I gazed over the fields and imagine the clouds on the horizon being mountain ranges in the distance.

I would daydream that I could just walk across the field at any moment that I wanted and hike around in the beauty of them.

That daydream made me feel so peaceful and at home. I could tap into the sense of awe I felt when I'd seen the Rockies with my own eyes.

From that time on, I felt called to be in a very different landscape from where I was born & raised. In my early 20s, I had plans to move to Colorado. Things didn't fall into place for me and so I landed in Minneapolis and quickly grew very close circle of amazing friends, which led me to stay for almost seven years.

After about 6 years in Minneapolis, the dreams I had when I was sleeping began calling me west too, and I listened. I moved to Washington state in my late 20's. I've been living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for the last 18 years.

Whenever the clouds are not obscuring them, I get to see the majesty of Mount Rainier from my front yard, and the black hills of the capital forest from my back yard. The rugged Olympic mountains shine across the water of the Puget Sound, and the Cascades are just a short drive away.

The feeling of awe has never subsided for me. Every morning that I am blessed to see a sunrise behind Mount Rainier I feel it. Every time I get out into the mountains for a drive or a hike, I feel it. The sense of awe - the sense of connectedness with nature. The sense of feeling very much at home.

I realize how important that daydream I had so frequently as a child was.

That daydream was something inherent in me. I somehow knew where I would feel most at home. A part of me knew even as a child where I would live and continually feel inspired and connected to nature in a way that I didn't quite feel in the plains of Minnesota.

I eventually made my daydream come true. I listened to my inner knowing and I ended up in a place that truly fulfilled my dreams.

This has been on my mind lately because I've been having some new daydreams recently.

When I let my mind wander I can tap into the feeling of these daydreams - the places, the experiences, the people. And I know that eventually, these daydreams will come to fruition as well. I can feel them guiding me in a strong way.

Your daydreams are important. The things that you continually daydream about, tell you a lot about yourself - a lot about what your heart truly yearns for.

It's like our inner knowing giving us a roadmap to follow if we just pay attention.

It's really the feeling we're looking for in those daydreams. To tap into the feelings they bring is magical.

We might never really know exactly what will bring us that feeling. Your dreams can arrive in numerous ways. Lean into them. Allow those daydreams. Allow that feeling of vibrance and awe and happiness to be present. Simply by our minds going to a place and tapping into a feeling, we are aligning ourselves with what our soul craves.

I could still sit on the edge of that field, outside of the grove of trees at my childhood home, gaze over the field, squint my eyes, imagine that beautiful mountain range, and tap into that feeling.

However, it's so much easier to do where I am now, and I know that my daydreams led me here.
I know that my intuition led me here.
My inner knowing led me here.
I'm so grateful I listened.
The place that I live now brings me so much fulfillment and joy.
My home now allows me to experience this feeling of awe every day that I step outside.

What are the things that you continually daydream about?

Where do you find your mind wandering over and over again?

What is the feeling that comes to you in these daydreams?

Pay attention to those things. Allow those bits of inner knowing to arise and show you what would make you feel a sense of awe in your life - what would support you in feeling fulfilled in your life.

Listen. Listen closely.

Your daydreams are important.

With love & wonder,


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