Where Is Your Strength?

Jul 14, 2021
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I have a deck of Inquiry Cards and it's one of my favorite tools.
On each card is a personal inquiry question along with beautiful kaleidoscope art. 

It's a great tool for personal discovery & self-awareness. We have so many answers inside of us that can be beneficial to our wellbeing, but if we are not asking ourselves good questions, the answers don't always just arrive, right? 

I often use this deck with clients, in workshops, and with myself. I like pulling a card in the morning before my meditation time & sitting with the question for the day to see what comes up for me. 

I pulled a card this morning for us, and I invite you to work with this question along with me. 

Where Is My Strength? 

I think this is a really important question because it's so common for us to be constantly focused on our weaknesses instead of our strengths. (silly humans!)

Our weaknesses (which we all have) tend to take center stage in our mind and that can negatively affect how we feel about ourselves, create insecurities, & foster anxiety.

What if you put energy into focusing on your strengths & holding them in mind instead?
How much more confident could you feel?
How differently might you walk through the world?

Below are some suggestions on how you can work with this question for some great personal insight and a boost of self-esteem...

  • Hold the question in mind throughout the day & notice what comes up for you. 
  • Take notice of the strengths that you possess throughout the day as you are going about your work & play.  
  • Journal around this question. Just allow yourself to write & see what intuitively comes up. 
  • Make a list of your strengths & continue to add to them when you think of something new. 
  • Notice what other people point out to you as your strengths. Or just notice what other people come to you for support with, as that will bring some clarity.  
  • Ask the people in your life what they view as your strengths. You might be surprised at what you hear. The people around us often recognize things about us that we might not. You can return the favor and do the same for them. This could make for a great dinner conversation with family or a friend. 
  • Once you have some clarity on what your strengths are, consider some way that you can keep them in the forefront of your mind. How much more confident might you feel if you remind yourself daily of the ways that you are strong? For example, you could place a sticky note on your bathroom mirror or read through the list that you have made daily for a period of time.

Can you imagine how much differently we would all feel about ourselves & how much differently we might operate if we all focused far more on our strengths rather than our weaknesses? I can....and I think it would be amazing!  

So, where is your strength? Dig into this question & hold it close for a while. If you want someone to share your insights with, I would love to hear them.

With love, 


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