The Ripple Effect

Jun 02, 2021
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The intentions I have in working with my clients are big, and they stretch well beyond my clients.  

My mission is to play a role in more people reaching a state of well-being, fulfillment, ease, & self-love - creating a ripple effect in their families & communities so that we can all live in a healthier, happier, & kinder world collectively.

The ripple effect is powerful. 

When you create positive changes for yourself, create a state of greater well-being, develop deeper self-love, and feel more fulfilled, it's not only you the feels the results. 

The people around you feel it too. 

They notice the change in you. 

They notice how you treat yourself. 

They notice your joy. 

They see the example you set just by being you.

They see you doing the work. 

They witness you responding to life differently. 

They relate to you differently, because you are relating to yourself differently. 

They are inspired by you. 

Whether you hear the words from them or not, know that this is true. 

I see and hear this all the time in my work with my clients. Their relationships are transformed because they approach them differently. Family systems shift to more healthy ways of being and relating to each other. 

There's nothing I can think of that is more rewarding to me than to hear about how the personal work a client is doing is affecting their whole family, their social circle, or their workplace. 

Some quotes from clients of mine:

"I have a new confidence that radiates from me whenever I engage with others. It comes up a lot. Even with strangers."

"My marriage is better, my relationship with my kids is better, my job is more secure, my professional future is brighter, my credit is better, my home is more harmonious, and my sleep is regenerative."

"Working with Shelly has helped me in so many ways not only with my own work, but as a family we have grown tremendously. My relationship with my husband and daughter has drastically changed for the better because of this work."

We know too, that others around us inspire us to do better for ourselves. We see the glow or confidence of someone and we want to know what their secret is.

The people around us inspire us all of the time. 

Can you imagine living in a world where more of us are truly taking good care of ourselves & feel good? ( I can, and I do every day. )

Where we are in such a good place that we can also inspire & support the people around us to reach the same for themselves?

Where we normalize talking about the things we are personally working on with each other regularly and support each other on our paths? 

This is truly what I want for all of us. 

I've been witnessing a lot of inspiration lately. A lot of people inspiring me, a lot of clients inspiring the people around them, and people letting me know that they are inspired by the ways that I am living. 

Can we collectively create more of a ripple effect in this way? 

Can we normalize telling people when they inspire us more? 

Can we normalize talking about the personal work we are doing for ourselves more? 

Can we work to support each other more deeply on our paths to well-being? 

I think we can. 

The ripple effect is powerful. Make a ripple. 

With Love, 


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