Happy Autumn Equinox!

Sep 21, 2021
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Happy Autumn Equinox! 

Yesterday marked the end of summer and the beginning of fall. 

Each season brings different energy & naturally different focuses. When we tap into the energy of each season intentionally, we benefit in so many ways. We are living more in rhythm with the natural world, and more easily hold a feeling of balance for ourselves in our lives. 

I love what autumn brings for us. 

It's harvest season.  
It's the season of reaping what you sowed from the seeds you planted in spring & nurtured all summer long. 
It's a time to tap into gratitude for the abundance in life. 
It's a time to prepare ourselves for winter. 
(just like squirrels gathering nuts!)

it's a time when the trees show us how beautiful it can be to let go, and how important that cycle is for future new growth. 

It's a time of balance when the days & nights are equal in length. 

It's a time of comfort when we return to drinking tea, wearing cozy sweaters, & spending more time inside. 

I like to do some reflective journaling & intention setting as the seasons shift and I invite you to do the same.

I created an autumn journaling exercise to share with you this week as a gift. 

Just click on the link below to download it. 
Either print it out to journal by hand or fill it out right on your device if you prefer to type. 

Autumn Journaling Exercise

I encourage you to set aside some quiet time, get cozy, pour yourself a glass of something delicious to sip on, and spend some time with this. Treat it like an act of self-care, because it is. 

Wishing you a beautiful & abundant autumn 🍁


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