Finding Balance When Things Feel Wonky

Jun 09, 2021
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Holding a feeling of balance in your life can feel super challenging sometimes, but it's so possible to do. 

For me, the trick is to always be checking in with myself & noticing when I start feeling off-kilter - even a little bit, and then asking myself what I need to adjust. 

There are a lot of different ways that I begin to notice when something is out of balance for me. 

I could notice that I'm not being as present. 

Or that my attention span is that of a fly.

Or my patience may feel thinner than usual. 

Or that I'm physically more tired than usual. 

Or more anxiety & stress in my body. 

Or that my daily habits & routines are beginning to go off track. 

Any or all of these things let me know that there's something out of balance for me.

Rather than just chalking any of these things up to life circumstances and charging on, It feels so good to check in with myself on what my needs are. To ask myself what is actually feeling out of balance and what steps can I take before things get too feeling too wonky.

It seems the longer I wait to make adjustments, the longer it takes to level things out again.

I was inspired to write to you about this because of taking time to adjust some wonkiness I was feeling this last weekend. I'm guessing that you might relate to this in some way. 

I found myself feeling extra physically tired lately, not as present or focused, and my daily routines were falling off track. 

When I checked in with myself, I realized that the introvert in me was in need. I needed to nourish the introverted part of me this past weekend and rest. 

I got very used to having a lot of alone time and quite a bit of downtime this past year. ('s been well over a year now since this era of covid began!) 

Recently, everything shifted to be very extroverted for me.
I'm now fully vaccinated and most of my friends are as well. 
Summer has hit and the nice weather has us all wanting to be outside more, gather more, and play more. 
Events are piling up on the calendar since we are finally shifting into a place where these things can happen again - simultaneously as the nice weather is hitting. 

I have been LIVING really fully lately, spending lots of time with friends, camping, BBQs, and I finally got to go to my first big-ish live music event in 15 months and danced my tail off in the sunshine with friends!

It has been AH-mazing, to say the least. I feel like I (we) are coming back to life all of the sudden! It's been feeling really good, and my summer calendar of fun events & plans is quickly filling up. 

While all of this is so exciting, when I caught myself feeling off-kilter this last week, I realized that I needed to balance the scales a bit. 

I stayed home ALL weekend. I caught up on some housework & tasks that have been on the list, tended to my indoor & outdoor plants, cooked good food, rested, had quiet time, and generally caught my breath. 

I needed that. I began my week feeling so much more balanced & energetic. 

we so often just keep plugging along when we feel off-kilter, without giving ourselves the opportunity to check in with ourselves & create some balance. When we just keep pushing through it, we can end up feeling really wonky, and it can take much more time to come back to how we want to feel. 

Can you relate? I'm guessing so. 

Creating life balance is a big topic, with books and books worth of things that could be discussed about it. 

I like to keep things feeling as simple as possible with everything in life. 

For me, the key to holding life balance is the practices that I have developed around always checking in with myself and staying in tune with how I'm feeling.

When I am doing this, it gives me the opportunity to make adjustments quickly & easily that help to keep my energy feeling vibrant, my mind at ease, and my spirit happy. 

I'd like to encourage you to check in with yourself on how you are feeling. Listen to your inner knowing when you realize what you need to bring back to balance and how. Do the things for yourself that help to keep you feeling balanced in your life. 

It really can be that simple. Once you have clarity, figure out the action steps to take, and commit to taking them. 

No one can create the life balance that you crave for yourself. It's up to us to check in with ourselves & adjust the dials as needed. 

Wishing you a balanced feeling week.

With Love, 


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