Destination Fixation

Mar 30, 2021
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I love a good road trip.

There's usually a destination in mind, but to really enjoy a road trip, I know that I need to embrace the journey.

Fixating on the famous "Are we there yet?" serves no one.

This is true for life as well.

I remember taking a road trip to Mt Rushmore & The Badlands of South Dakota as a child with my parents and brother. I spent most of the time in the back seat making noises with anything I could find (camping pots & pans for one) and repeatedly asking "Are we there YET?"

(To my patient family - I'm sorry)

This example of me traveling as a child is how we often approach so much in our life.

Am I 'there' yet?
Once I get through this, THEN I'll enjoy myself.
Nose to the grindstone right now, until I reach the goal, and then I'll start living my life.
Once I finish this project I can be more present with my life.
As soon as I find a new job, I can feel happy.
As soon as I find a partner, then I'll feel complete.
As soon as I reach my goal, then I'll.......

We so often set our sites on things that we want and we focus on getting there without actually being present for the journey.

Remember, the moments that line the path to the places we are going are where the growth happens...

The lessons present themselves.
The experience & joys of the journey unfold.
We gain new tools as roadblocks show up.
Deeper relationships with ourselves are built.
Confidence in ourselves develops.
The lessons & learnings that we'll need when we get 'there' happen.

As an adult, I experience road trips so much different than when I was a child. I look so forward to the journey. I enjoy the moments along the way so much. I don't mind driving long distances because the journey itself tends to be just as much of a focus for me as the destination.

Even when bumps in the road happen, and things don't go as planned. I've learned that there is so much richness in those moments to embrace.

I can say the same for how I view so many things in life now.

I used to spend so much time & energy being fixated on destinations - things I wanted to achieve or acquire, and I felt impatient.

So much impatience.

I just wanted to get there.
Things never felt good enough until I got there.

I still have to remind myself from time to time, but I've learned how important being present for the journey is.

Being present for the journey means being present with myself and with my life.

Whatever you are reaching for right now...wherever you are wanting to arrive...I want to encourage you to embrace the journey you are on.

As I prepare to embark on a road trip to the California Redwoods this next week, I'm reminding myself to be present for all of the moments. For the longs hours in the car. For the experiences & beauty that present along the way.

As I prepare to take a full week off of work & life for this trek, I'm reminding myself that all of the things I'm working on achieving right now will come to fruition in the timeline that is right for me. I'm reminding myself that taking a break for an actual road trip is also part of my bigger journey of maintaining life balance.

What are you working on reaching right now?

Where are you headed that you feel impatient about right now?

What goals do you feel like you need to reach before you feel complete?

Our lives are finite.
It's important to not spend the moments of our life constantly waiting to get somewhere.

Lean into the journey.
Embrace the moments along the way.
Juice the experiences for everything they've got.

With Love,


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