A Simple & Impactful Mindfulness Practice

Apr 06, 2022
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Taking mindfulness breaks in your day is something that can make a world of difference in how you feel.


Mindfulness breaks can support you in decreasing your stress level, anxiety, and emotional reactivity. 

They can support you in increasing your focus, attention, accuracy, and sense of calm. 


It can also support you in decreasing rumination, which is a huge benefit in my world. For all of you over-thinkers out there, you know what I mean. 


Perhaps most importantly, taking a mindful break brings you present in the moments of your life. The more you practice, the more likely you are to be more present in general. 


What is life worth if we aren't present for it?


I want to share an easy & impactful way that I often take mindfulness breaks throughout my day. For me, it really helps to check in with my senses - becoming fully present in my body, and therefore present in the moment as well. 


When I become more present in my body it also gives me the opportunity to check in with what I might need in the moment, giving me the opportunity to take good care of myself and continue to feel good.


Take a moment for a mindfulness break with the following practice:


Stop for a moment & check in with your 5 senses.


Just for a moment, stop going through your email (or scrolling).


Close your eyes if you wish.


Take a few slow deep breaths in and out. 


Check-in with yourself. How do you feel in your body in this moment?


Notice your sense of touch. 


Feel the temperature of the air on your skin. 

Feel the sensation of the clothing on your skin. 

Notice the points of contact where your body connects with whatever you are sitting or laying on, or your feet firmly on the ground. 

Simply notice how all of these things feel. 


Notice your sense of hearing. 


What sounds do you hear around you?

In the distance?

Close to you? 

The sound of your breath. 


Notice your sense of smell as you inhale. 


What do you smell in the air?


Notice your sense of taste. 


Are there lingering flavors in your mouth from the last thing you ate or drank?

Or take a sip of something if you have something near by and take a moment to taste it. 


Notice your sense of vision. 


If your eyes are closed, open them for a moment and take in the colors & textures around you. 

If you wish to keep your eyes closed, notice what comes to your inner vision - your mind's eye. 


Notice how aware you are right now of being present in this moment of your life? 


From this place of present awareness, notice if there is anything you need in this moment. 

This could be something simple like a glass of water, or taking a 10-minute break from what you are doing to rest your mind & gather your focus again. 


Bringing yourself to a place of full presence can be as simple as that. 


How long did that take you? A minute? 2? 3? 


Just a moment out of your day. 


Mindfulness is a practice. 


The more often you take an intentional moment to bring yourself to be present, the more often you will remember to be present with moments of your life, and carry a deeper sense of calm


With love, 



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