A Season Of Change

Jun 08, 2022
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I returned over a week ago now from my 10-day adventure in Alaska. 


I arrived in a drastic season of change - a season of change that we are all entering.

Summer is arriving - how do you want to be embracing this change of the season for your greater good? 


The day I arrived happened to be one of the first nice warm days of spring in Alaska. The weather for my entire trip couldn't have been more perfect for this time of year.


I was in absolute awe of the beauty of that wild country, and the timing of my arrival was so wonderful as I got to witness the landscape change dramatically while I was there. 


With the sun setting after 11 pm each evening and rising at about 4:30 am each morning, the days were really long, and the effect of all that sunshine on the landscape was immense.


There was a small lake that was still full of ice when I arrived and by the time I left was ice-free and full of swirls of spring pollen floating on the water's surface. 


There were snow-filled mountain peaks in every direction I looked, and I watched the snow melt & disappear on lower mountains daily. 


The leaves on the trees and vegetation grew so much each day with all of the sunlight and the landscape became greener & greener. I could see a significant difference every couple of days.


I thought a lot about the cycles of the seasons in that environment. Just as the days are extra long and sunny this time of year, the winter months there are extra dark and cold. 


We all experience changes of season, but in the great state of Alaska it's extreme, and it was really cool to witness! 


Living in rhythm with the seasons is something that I talk about often, as I truly believe that embracing the changes of the seasons in our lives is a great way to hold a feeling of balance for ourselves. Feeling balance is something that I think we all crave.


While in Alaska with so many daylight hours, I witnessed kids still outside playing at 11 pm after a long dark winter mostly indoors. Alaskans are forced more than most to live in rhythm with the seasons in these ways, and it was really cool to witness. 


I thought a lot about the ways that we live with nature and embrace what each season brings & how important that is. 


As we are officially entering summer this month, I'm curious how you feel about entering this new season? 


After a long winter of more dark than light, our days are now getting longer, and the sunshine is warming things up. 


It's a time to come out of our winter slumber, and be more active. 


It's a time to be outdoors more and connect with the natural world. 


It's a time to shift to eating lighter fresh spring foods and lots of greens. 


It's a time for plants to grow and blossom. 


It's a time for you to grow & blossom too. 


How do you want to grow this summer?


How do you want to change?


What would you like to blossom in your life? 


How can you embrace this change of season with more growth & activity in a way that will be to your benefit? 


It's a great time to set some intentions for yourself and the season ahead. 


Take a little time to connect with what you want for yourself this summer, journal out some intentions, and make a plan to follow through for yourself. 


Cheers to sunshine & summer!



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