A Downloadable Spring Journal

Mar 18, 2022
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Spring is arriving! (happy dance over here!)

Sunday the 20th is the Spring Equinox

In the lush Pacific Northwest where I live, the signs of spring are everywhere.

The temperature is becoming milder and there's a bit more sunshine.

The trees are growing buds.

The cherry trees have blossoms bringing color to the streets.

The frogs are beginning to sing at night.

The birds at my bird feeder are frisky and the geese are arriving.

There's new growth slowly emerging in the forest wherever I look.

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know how much importance I place on living in rhythm with the natural seasons.

Placing a focus on living in this natural rhythm helps us to feel so much more connected and balanced in life.

Spring brings us so much goodness and so much rich symbolism.

It's the season of....

New beginnings

New growth



Planting seeds

Flowers in bloom

Spring cleaning of your home, body, mind, & spirit

It's a time to come back to life and more energy after a winter of rest & hibernation.

One important way that I immerse myself and honor each season, is by doing seasonal journaling.

The start of spring is a wonderful time to take a look within, ponder the symbolism and what it brings for you, and to set intentions specific for the season.

I created a spring journal as a gift for you!

This journal will guide you through some of the symbolism of spring, give you a chance to check in with yourself, take some time for personal inquiry, and set some solid intentions for the season ahead.

You can get your download of the journal here:

Spring 2022 Journal

Set a little time aside to spend with this. Curl up with a cup of something delicious to sip on in a quiet space, and treat it as self-care time ~ because that's exactly what it is.

Print it out & write by hand if you prefer, like me. If you'd rather type on your device, you can download it and fill it out that way as well. You do you.

Be sure to place it somewhere that you can reference it, hold your intentions close, and look back at the end of spring.

Wishing you a beautiful season of new growth, new energy, and planting seeds in your life to grow exactly what you want for yourself in the seasons ahead.

Happy Spring!



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