10 Busy Summer Self-Care Tips

Jun 22, 2022
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Happy Summer! 


Have you ever looked SO forward to the fun summer season, and then once you're in it, you feel a bit overwhelmed, and not even as present as you want to be for the fun because the schedule is just too much for you?


I kind of did that to myself last summer. 🙄 


After a long pandemic winter, I was SO excited to do ALL of the things, that I really booked my summer up....too much. 


Midway through summer, I was like "What was I thinking? I do actually need to rest sometimes during these 3 months too!"


I ended up skipping some of my plans to maintain some sort of balance, and I learned from the experience. 


While I definitely have some fun plans on the agenda this summer, I've left more spaciousness in my schedule so as to not burn myself out and to feel energized & present for the things that I am doing. 


The fact that summer always seems to be SO busy has been a topic of conversation with so many people lately, so I thought it was a good time to talk about this. 


With the beautiful weather and so much going on, we can try to pack more into the few months of summer than is sometimes good for us.


Yes, so many of the things that keep us busy in summer are so much fun, but the schedule can have a tendency to lead to some feelings of burnout, feeling drained, tired, and generally feeling like we are constantly buzzing around like a busy bee! 


I'll equate it with the feeling of needing a vacation after your vacation! (We all know this feeling, right?)


Whether it's summertime, or anytime we feel caught up in the whirlwind of life, it's such a good thing to remember how important self-care & taking some time to truly rest is.


It's also important to recognize that we are all wired a bit differently, and some of us do actually need more downtime than others. If you are one of those people, like me, this is really for you. 


If you've been feeling the busyness buzz, and know you could benefit from some balance of making time for self-care & rest this summer, the tips below are for you! 

10 Busy Summer Self-Care Tips

1) Focus on the basic trifecta of taking care of yourself & keeping up your energy: Eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, and getting some exercise. These 3 are at the core of feeling good & having the energy to enjoy the things that you want to. 



2) Don't over schedule yourself! Take it from me - even if they are all fun things that you want to put on the calendar, you do actually need a little downtime too! Also, some time to do what you feel like doing in the moment. When we schedule everything out too much, it can end up feeling like you are going through the motions of what you are supposed to be doing. You want some free time to do what you feel like doing in the moment - that time is so good for the soul. This also allows space for true rest when you need it, as well as spaciousness for life circumstances that come up. Cross out some days or weekends on your calendar where you are not allowed to plan anything in advance. 


3) Say 'NO' more often. We don't have to say yes to everything. Recognize when you are feeling tired, busy, or overwhelmed, and have the ability to say no to things, events, favors, or whatever is being asked of you. Many of us have a hard time saying 'no'. It  can take practice to have this become an easier thing, so start practicing! Ease up on the pressure you put on yourself in this way and know that when you say 'no' to things, you are saying 'yes' to yourself by protecting your time, your energy, and taking good care of yourself. We can't be everything for everyone, attend everything, do everything that is presented to us, or we would end up being depleted. This is an important thing to learn, and a huge gift to yourself.


4) Take some time to care for your body in your busy schedule. Maybe it's a long bath night at home. Maybe it's going to a spa for a treatment or a relaxing afternoon. A massage or acupuncture session. Choose what feels best for you. Whatever it is, create some quiet time to give your body some love, so it feels rejuvenated!


5) When you feel really busy, It can be really helpful to focus on being more present with your normal routines of the day like brushing your teeth, getting ready for your day, and eating your breakfast. Allowing yourself to be fully present with the normal mundane tasks of your day, rather than rushing through them while thinking about everything else you need to do with the rest of your day allows you to own that time as yours. Starting your day by experiencing your morning routine with full presence helps it to feel more relaxing and could turn it into 'you time' rather than a time where your brain is consumed with all the other on-goings of your day & your life.


6) Take a little time to meditate or just to sit and be, even if only for a short while. Starting your day with even a short meditation can set the tone for your whole day mentally and emotionally. It can also start your day off with a feeling of having some of your own time before you head into a full & busy day. Taking a couple of minutes to meditate in the middle of your busy day can really help to reset you as well, and leave you feeling recharged.


7) Take some time to just 'BE'. Curl up on the couch with a good book. Sit on your porch and listen to the birds sing. Sit on a park bench and people watch. Bring a floating device to a lake and just float. Throw a blanket on the ground or find a cozy hammock to nestle into and take some time to just stare at the sky. Cloud & star gazing is so relaxing & brings out the kid in us. If you are someone who struggles with constantly moving and being busy, making just a little bit of time here can really help to recharge and calm you. If you are a really busy bee, be patient with yourself here. It may take a little time to relax about taking time to relax! 


8) Unplug from electronics and social media for periods of time. Depending on your usage and work, maybe this means checking out from electronics for a certain time of the day or creating a healthy morning routine that involves not checking in online for the first hour or two of your day. It could mean taking weekends off of social media, or an entire week off. Whatever you can make work for you. Most of us have a tendency to be too attached here, and giving yourself intentional breaks is wonderful and recharging! It's not until you give yourself a break, that you actually realize how much of your time & energy these things can consume.


9) Take yourself on a date and do something that is very relaxing for you. Maybe it's going to a movie, sitting in the park with a good book and a great lunch, or antique store perusing....whatever you find most relaxing on your own. Make a little time to just relax and treat yourself in this way.


10) Especially when you are really busy, make a point to do at least one thing a day just for you. Just one nice thing for yourself. Treat yourself to something nurturing or rejuvenating...Even if it is just a little break in the day. You may not feel like you have the time on busy days, but make the time. We make time for so many things that are important in life. We can make the time for ourselves. It's the most important thing.


Wishing you a beautiful start to your summer! 


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