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What's Different About This Program? 

The struggle with sugar is real, and it can feel like the core thing that sabotages your goal of feeling healthier & more vibrant in your body.

Most diet programs have you counting grams of sugar or totally cutting it out of your diet, which feels really restrictive. They don't allow for some balance or take into consideration your relationship with sugar, which can be a complicated one, to say the least.

Focusing purely on restriction can easily backfire landing you face-first into a pan of brownies when you finally cave in, and make you feel like you are on a continual rollercoaster of restriction and indulging. 

My approach is always to find balance with how we eat and to focus on mindfulness and our relationship with food, because that's what supports us with sustainable healthy lifestyle habits that actually last.  

So how do we reduce the amount of sugar we take in to be minimal, and feel more in control long-term? 

My approach is sensible rather than rigid. It includes the deeper work of mindfulness and your relationship with sugar along with the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your body so that you can make long-lasting changes rather than short-term restrictions, and finally get off the sugar rollercoaster for good.

What If Releasing The Struggle With Sugar Could Feel Like Mindfulness And Balance Without Total Restriction?

It Absolutely Can - That's The Focus In This Program.

When You Don't Feel In Control With Sugar, There Can be A Domino Effect Of Challenges. 

  • The guilt and frustration of feeling like sugar sabotages how you want to be eating every time.¬†¬†
  • The frustration of constant cravings.
  • The self-criticism that can come along with sugar consumption damages your relationship and trust with yourself.¬†
  • ¬†Inflammation, depression, anxiety, body pain, fatigue, insomnia, digestive issues, weight gain, frequent infections, increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, fatty liver disease, and a whole host of other physical and mental issues.¬†
  • Restriction usually leads to binging, leaving you feeling like you are on a sugar roller coaster that you are not sure how to get off of.
  • Sugar can end up feeling like an enemy that you don't know how to escape from.¬†

 In This Program, You Will Educate Yourself, Learn How To Reduce Your Cravings & Your Intake, Be More Mindful, And Find Balance Without Totally Restricting Yourself So That You Feel In Control Of Long-term Term Changes.

  • Education to help you make the best choices for your body when it comes to the sweet foods you purchase and feed yourself.¬†
  • ¬†Finding balance so that you can enjoy some sweets without being totally restrictive, and feeling in control of the amount you consume.
  • Mindfulness allows you to fully enjoy the sweets you eat without guilt and without going overboard.¬†
  • Developing a healthier relationship with sweets that feels balanced and supportive of your health goals.¬†
  • Make healthier choices when it comes to sweets so that you can indulge in a way that is more gentle on your body.¬†

Sensibly Sweet can help you go from...  

  • From feeling like sugar¬†controls you to feeling like you are the one in control.¬†¬†

  • From constantly caving into cravings to knowing how to reduce your cravings and how to respond to them in healthier ways.¬†

  • From turning to sugar when life feels intense to taking care of yourself in those moments in more nourishing and self-caring ways.¬†

  • From feeling guilty about the amount of sugar you eat to feeling pride in the balance you hold.¬†

  • From not realizing how much sugar is hidden in the foods you eat, to making more educated choices in how you feed yourself.

  • ¬†From feeling heavy and inflamed in your body, to feeling healthy & vibrant!¬†¬†

Hey, I'm Shelly!

Well-being Coach & Mentor, Foodie, and Your Guide In This Program.


How Does This sound? 

  • What if you could¬†reach a place where sugar no longer felt like your enemy?
  • What if you could develop the habit of being mindful with enjoying occasional sweets and no longer turn to them for emotional support?
  • What if you could reduce your sugar intake to be minimal in a sustainable way, and enjoy naturally sweet food more so that you can feel better in your body long term?
  • What if you could change your relationship with sugar to a balanced one for good?¬†¬†

That's exactly what I want to support you in achieving in this program. 

A little bit of Shelly's story with food....

I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) filled with processed food, fast food, lots of white bread, soda, sugar, and very little vegetables. The cookie jar was always open for business, and I didn’t have influences in my life that taught me how to relate to food in a healthy way, regulate what and how much I ate, (especially when it came to sugar), listen to my body, or make choices that supported me feeling good in my body.

I’ve been on a journey of transformation with food for the last 25 years. There are a lot of chapters to my story that include self-education, formal education, teaching myself to cook healthy food, going to rigid extremes with diets, restrictions, fasts, & cleanses, swinging in the other direction after so much restriction, and finally learning to listen to my body, develop a healthier, more mindful relationship with food, sugar consumption, and find balance, ease, & flow with how I feed myself.

Through my own journey and in coaching many women over the years, it became crystal clear to me that when it comes to transforming how we eat, it's important to educate yourself enough so that you can make choices in food that support your body. What I've also learned is that the biggest work we have to do is within our relationship with food. I dove into this work head first both with myself and my clients over the years.

Healing my own relationship with food has been a journey, and it’s been worth every step of the effort. It’s allowed me to eat a consistently healthy diet that is not rigid at all. It’s balanced and supports me in eating in a way that makes me feel great in my body. My weight, energy, and health are consistent. It doesn’t feel like work or a struggle for me - feeding myself well is an act of self-love and something that I enjoy.

I love to empower the women I work with to focus on cultivating a healthy relationship with food, bringing mindfulness to how they eat, and learning to listen to their bodies as a guide in how they feed themselves.

THIS is what creates consistency & sustainability in feeding yourself in a way that makes you feel good both physically and emotionally!

I'd love to help educate, support, & empower you to develop this for yourself, too.

How Can You Benefit From Minimizing Your Sugar Intake? 

Increased and sustainable energy levels. 

Improved skin health.

Better mood and mental health. 

Balanced hormones. 

Improved digestive health. 

Better oral health. 

Quality sleep. 

Balanced blood sugar levels.

Better heart health. 

More clear mind, less brain fog. 

Increased immune system function. 

Weight management. 

Better overall health! 


Mindfulness And Changing Your Relationship With Sugar.

Let's face it - our relationship with food can be pretty messed up, especially with sugar. 

Being guided to restriction as the only answer has only made it worse. Feeling guilt every time we eat dessert is not the answer.

When we bring mindfulness into the equation and learn to relate to sugar in a more balanced way, we are able to develop lifestyle habits that last, where we eat minimal sugar without total restriction and lean into more naturally sweetened foods.

We can feel in control of our choices while enjoying indulgent treats sometimes. 

Reducing Cravings And The Amount Of Sugar That You Eat. 


Cravings can be both physical and emotional when it comes to sugar. We'll address both of these areas and explore ways to reduce cravings so that it no longer feels like such a struggle to make the choices that allow you to feel great in your body. 

Learning to make small changes a little at a time, changing your habits of when and why you turn to sugar, and finding healthier sources of sweetness that you enjoy leads to lasting changes in reducing the amount of sugar you take in - not just for the duration of this program, but for the rest of your life. 

The Practical Knowledge To Support You.  

How much sugar is too much sugar?

Are you aware of all the places where sugar is hidden in your food? It's not just about candy bars...what about that salad dressing? 

Is high fructose corn syrup really worse than refined sugar? Why?

Which sugar substitutes are good to use? What should I avoid? 

Why at natural sugars a better choice?

Can sugar really be causing my joints to ache in the morning? 

Knowledge helps you to make the best decisions for your health so much easier. 





5 x  60-minute classes. Replays will be available if you can't make it to class 

  • Wednesday Evenings Beginning on October 25th @ 5:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm CT¬†
  • Each week we will explore information, tips & tools, and your relationship with sugar.¬†
  • Q&A - ask questions and get coached on how to apply them to best work for you.¬†
  • You'll leave class with specific focuses to work with over the coming week.¬†



  • Connect with the community of women learning & applying the tools¬†with you.¬†
  • Share¬†experiences, resources, & ideas to support each other.
  • Post what you are doing for accountability to follow through.
  • Celebrate and cheer each other on.
  • Ask questions, & get support and coaching from Shelly anytime between classes.



It's all here, you only need to engage with the course & the group and ask for what you need.

  • Can't make the¬†live classes? You can watch them later. Submit your questions ahead of time if you wish.
  • Ask questions and ask for any¬†support you want in the group, anytime.
  • Need some extra 1:1 support? You'll have access to schedule discounted private sessions with Shelly during the course.¬†

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**Registration is closed. Contact Shelly if you would like to know when this is offered again. ([email protected]) **

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Who This Program Is Perfect For:

  • Women who struggle with sugar and know they would feel better in their body and mind if they could minimize the amount that they eat in a long-lasting way.

  • Women who are tired of feeling driven by guilt & shame around¬†their eating habits and want a more self-loving approach to how they feed themselves.

  • Women who may have been on & off diets, and feel ready to¬†develop consistency and create long-term change.

  • Women who are tired of feeling like they have to focus on¬†restriction in order to eat in a way that supports them feeling good in their bodies.

  • Women who are ready to feel more healthy, energetic, & confident in their body, and know that¬†feeling in control of their sugar intake¬†will support them in that.

  • Women who are ready to bring mindfulness into eating, learn to listen to their bodies, and transform their relationship with¬†sugar to a healthier one so that it all feels so much easier and more self-loving moving forward.

Who This Might Not Be A Good Fit For:

  • Women with a diagnosed eating disorder. (Unless you have the blessing of your physician.)

  • Women who are looking for a 'quick' & temporary fix for the struggle they feel with sugar & their body. While a huge impact can be made in this month, this is about developing lifelong habits and requires some patience with yourself and with the process.¬†
  • Women who want to give up all sweets entirely for their life.
  • Women who are purely focused on weight loss.

  • Women who are not interested in doing some self-exploration via mindfulness & some journaling.
  • Women who are not interested in engaging in the program and with other participants. Being willing to share parts of your journey and support others in the group is beneficial for everyone participating, including you!¬†

A Note From Shelly On Weight loss And Why You Are Not Reading Much About It Here:

If you are new to my philosophies as a well-being coach who works with women around food, I have a lot to say about this topic, but here are a few brief points of understanding on why I rarely refer to weight loss, and why it is never a focus in my work. 

  • ¬†I believe that for so many women, the weight loss industry and diet culture have done far more damage than good to women's relationship with food and their relationship with their bodies.
  • The restriction of¬†weight loss focused¬†dieting is often a big part of why women struggle. Overeating sugar and less healthy foods can be a natural effect of so much restriction. (any psychology you read on the topic will agree)¬†
  • ¬†Only about 5% of restrictive, weight loss focused diets last long term, keeping women in a frustrating repetitive cycle of loss, gain, and struggle which can further damage their relationship with food and their body and make things feel even more challenging as time goes on. I focus on developing lifelong healthy eating habits in my work with women.
  • ¬†A focus on weight loss tends to encourage a belief within us that our worthiness or beauty is attached to a number on the scale, and I won't ever encourage that. You are a fully worthy beautiful goddess¬†at any size.¬†

So what do we focus on instead?

  • ¬†Learning to eat mostly healthy foods that we truly enjoy so that the ‚Äėdiet‚Äô you develop is sustainable, tasty, balanced, and never feels like restriction.
  • ¬†Healing your relationship with food, so that the emotional struggles & guilt associated with food dissipate and you choose to feed yourself nourishing foods in the right amounts with balance & ease consistently.¬†
  • ¬†Cultivating love for your body and feeding your body from a place of love rather than from a place of¬†feeling like you need to change it to love it.
  • ¬†Learning to listen to your body and allowing that to guide you in how, when, what, and how much you eat. Your body knows best.
  • ¬†I focus on helping women develop long-term lifestyle habits and changes that are sustainable and support them in long-lasting health, energy, and feeling good in their bodies with as much ease as possible.

A common side effect of this work is weight loss, and I think it's just so much more healing and self-loving to achieve that by focusing on the above things. It's also way more sustainable. 

  • ¬†I'm NOT saying you should not desire to lose weight - that's a common desire! It's ok! My approach though, is to let go of that being the focus.¬†
  • ¬†Instead, focus on the above things that will support you for the rest of your life in feeling freaking fantastic both in your body and mind. It allows you to step off the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting, and into lifestyle habits that¬†last for your lifetime.


Have questions or want to chat with me about this? I'm here for it! Schedule a time to chat with me HERE. 

Sarah Hodgen, Olympia, WA

"I initially reached out to Shelly because I was looking to lose weight and eat healthier. I had tried every workout and eating program that existed. I would always have short-term success but nothing would ever stick. I felt like I was trying the same thing over and over again just in a different program. I was stuck! Shelly’s approach to building healthy habits over time made more sense than counting calories, macros, and doing extreme workouts. Shelly has been my coach for 2 years now and she has given me a new perspective in every aspect of my life. The things I have learned from Shelly go way beyond eating healthy and losing weight. Every time we meet we uncover a new area for growth. Shelly’s humility leaves me feeling understood, never judged, and fully supported. I am a better version of myself because of Shelly’s coaching. Working with Shelly is one of the best investments I have made for myself!"

B.H. Olympia, WA

"My intention was to become aware of deep-rooted emotions involving food. I walked away with a sense of empowerment and a lot of realizations on why I do what I do. New self-awareness around my relationship with food, new awareness regarding how I use food as comfort mostly around fear. A new awareness around how I perceive myself and knowledge for redirecting my thinking. It was one of the best personal growth experiences I've ever had."

Hey! I'm Shelly.

(The lady teaching this thang!)

Most would describe me as an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of music & dance, an adventurer, and a foodie. 

There's nothing I'm more passionate about than personal growth, self-care, and wellness. It’s been an evolving journey that I’ve dedicated myself to for more than 2 decades. 

I'm a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and certified Transformational Life Coach. 

I help women develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that they can feel as freaking fantastic as they deserve to feel in their lives.

I'm not a fan of cookie-cutter programs. We are diverse humans, not cookies. My approach is to share my wealth of knowledge &  insight and support women to find their way to create a fulfilling, healthy, & vibrant life that's sustainable long term.


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**Registration is closed. Contact Shelly if you would like to know when this is offered again. ([email protected]) **

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