Mastering Meal Prep For Easeful Eating 

Nourish & Thrive By Mastering Meal Prep In Efficient & Easy Ways That Work For You, Your Schedule, And Your Preferences!

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Exploratory and Fun!

This is NOT your average meal prep course.

You will not receive a specific meal plan to follow with recipes and instructions. (you can get that anywhere)


Empowering yourself with the confidence to do things your way is far more impactful, sustainable, and fun!


You are going to use the bounty of information, education, resources, methods, tips, and ideas offered in the classes and be guided to explore what works for you, your schedule, and your preferences.  


At the end of the month, you will know exactly how to move forward and meal prep YOUR way and continue to master your own routines as time goes on.


When you find what works for you - it's so easy to stick with it and make meal prepping and healthy eating a fun and sustainable habit in your life! 

Meal Prep Is About Making Delicious & Nourishing Food 

Convenient For Yourself, So It's Easy To Be Consistent With Healthy Eating. 

When You Don't Have Easy, Healthy, Tasty Meals Available, It's Hard To Be Consistent With A Healthy Diet.

  • When you don't have time to cook so you go through the drive-thru, again. 
  • When you are exhausted at the end of the day so you grab takeout instead of cooking.
  • When you don't feel like cooking, so you end up eating something convenient which is usually way less healthy than you want to be eating. 
  • When life is full and you don't have a plan, It can feel impossible to eat healthily. This is often a major block to success in developing a consistently healthy way of feeding yourself.

 In This Program, You Will Develop Ways That Work For You To Easily And Efficiently Have Delicious & Healthy Options Available At All Times. 

  • Set your future self up for success by having healthy meals that are ready to go. 
  • Prep meals that you look forward to eating, eliminating the temptation to grab something less healthy. 
  • Develop routines with meal prepping that are efficient and work with your schedule. 
  • Easily create a sustainable way of healthier eating so that you feel good in your body 

What Can Mastering Meal Prep Do For You?  

  • Make eating a consistently healthy diet SO much easier. (and end the yo-yo-ing)

  • Teach you to have easy, quick, healthy meals that are ready to go or take minimal time to make throughout the week.

  • Help you develop a repertoire of healthy meals to prep that you look forward to eating.

  • Let go of guilt & frustration around food and feel good about what you are feeding yourself daily.

  • Feel better in your body as a result of consistently healthy eating. (More energy, more confidence, better health. Less bloating, inflammation, aches, & pains.)

  • Allow you to be more consistent with foods that can support cholesterol levels, blood sugar, high blood pressure, digestion, weight management, or anything else you are looking to improve or maintain.

  • Support you in being consistent with any specific protocols due to food sensitivities or health conditions.

  • Easily resist fast food, take out, junk food, and grabbing a pile of quick carbs for a meal, because you’ll have deliciously healthy meals ready for yourself.

  • Have meals totally ready to go when you have busier weeks, have low energy, or just don’t feel like cooking.

  • Gain confidence in the kitchen by learning new dishes, and new methods, and making things as easy and enjoyable as possible for yourself. 

Hey, I'm Shelly!

Well-being Coach & Mentor, Foodie, and Your Guide In This Course.


How Does This sound? 

  • What if you could make a plan and a shopping list for the week in the same amount of time it takes to get takeout food?
  • What if you could prep food one evening a week and have meals ready to go, or ready to cook quickly for most of the week?
  • What if you could do this and have a variety of meals that you actually look forward to eating, making you feel good in your body, maintaining your health, and giving you energy? 

That's exactly what I do every week and I want to teach you how.

It's much easier, more fun, and more delicious than you think! 

A little bit of Shelly's story with food....

I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) filled with processed food, fast food, lots of white bread, soda, and very little vegetables. I had no idea what healthy eating was, but I was sure it couldn’t taste good.

I’ve been on a journey of transformation with food for the last 25 years. There are a lot of chapters to my story that include self-education, formal education, teaching myself to cook healthy food, going to rigid extremes with diets, fasts, & cleanses, and finally learning to listen to my body, develop a healthier relationship with food, and find balance, ease, & flow with how I feed myself.

Now, I eat a consistently healthy diet that is not rigid at all. It’s balanced. I’ve developed a love for healthy food that supports me and makes me feel great in my body. My weight, energy, and health are consistent. It doesn’t feel like work or a struggle for me - feeding myself well is an act of self-love and something that I enjoy.  

The routines that I have developed over the years in meal prep play a huge part in my success in getting to this place.  

I’ve helped a lot of my clients over the years achieve this too.

I have an unconventional approach because what I know to be true is that one of the secrets to creating a consistent & sustainable way of eating healthy is exploring and finding what works for you, what you love to eat, and developing habits & routines based on that.

There are too many cookie-cutter programs out there (including meal prep plans) that women never stick to long-term because they don’t take into consideration our individuality as people.

I love to empower the women I work with to focus on finding what they love to eat, what makes it easy for them to continue, and developing their own way of being with food that is pleasurable, balanced, efficient, and delicious. THIS is what creates consistency & sustainability in diet!

I'd love to help educate, support, & empower you to develop this for yourself, too. 

What Do YOU Love To Eat?

That's what you will be meal prepping. No more following someone else's meal plan and recipes that you are not excited to eat. When you lean into what you love, it's SO much easier to be consistent with a healthy diet, and so much more enjoyable to be in the kitchen. 


Meal prepping does not mean that you need to eat the same thing every day! Learn to prep meals for the week and still have a lot of variety in flavor and choices. Love those leftovers or your favorite salad 3 days in a row? Cool, that's easy! Want more variety? You'll learn ways to make that happen too

Easy, Efficient, and Enjoyable

This program is about you creating more ease with food, making things as efficient as possible, and having fun exploring what works for you. Everything you learn in this course is adaptable to your preferences and schedule, and you will be encouraged, coached, and supported to find what works best for you.




90-minute class every week for 4 weeks, with 3 parts to each class. (Can't make it to the live classes? No problem - You can watch the replay.)

  • Wednesday Evenings in August @ 5:30pm PT / 7:30pm CT
  • Learn all about meal prepping - methods, approaches, efficiency hacks, tips, & tricks. 
  • Q&A - ask questions and get coached on how to apply them to best work for you. 
  • Create a plan of action to commit to for the coming week.



  • Connect with the community learning with you. 
  • Share recipes, resources, and ideas.
  • Post what you are doing for accountability to follow through.
  • Celebrate and cheer each other on.
  • Ask questions, & get support and coaching from Shelly anytime between classes.



It's all here, you only need to engage with the course & the group and ask for what you need.

  • Can't make the live classes? You can watch them later. Ask questions and ask for any support you want in the group. 
  • Need some extra 1:1 support? You'll have access to schedule discounted private sessions with Shelly during the month of this course. 

Join Us For Just:


Registration is closed. Contact Shelly if you would like to be notified when this is offered again. ([email protected])


Who This Program Is Perfect For:

  • Women who want to learn easy & efficient ways to meal prep so that they have delicious healthy food available to choose from at all times.

  • Women who want to learn to meal prep in a way that works for them, their schedule, and their preferences, rather than following a rigid meal plan.

  • Women who want to make it easier to feed themselves a consistently healthy diet.

  • Women who are willing to dedicate SOME time each week to planning and preparing food for themselves. 

  • Women who want to explore & experiment with what they love to eat and how they can make it as easy as possible to make healthy food a consistent & pleasurable thing in their lives. 

Who This Might Not Be A Good Fit For:

  • Women who want a meal prep plan with specific recipes all planned out for them by someone else. You can find thousands of those elsewhere. 

  • Women who have zero time to prepare some food for themselves each week. A pre-made meal service would better support you. 

  • Women who don’t have a desire to explore what kind of meals they love to eat and want to try. A specific meal plan would be better suited to you. 

  • Women who want a rigid plan and for someone to tell them exactly what to do. (This program will educate, empower, and coach you to take what you learn and create your own way)

Sarah Hodgen, Olympia, WA

"I initially reached out to Shelly because I was looking to lose weight and eat healthier. I had tried every workout and eating program that existed. I would always have short-term success but nothing would ever stick. I felt like I was trying the same thing over and over again just in a different program. I was stuck! Shelly’s approach to building healthy habits over time made more sense than counting calories, macros, and doing extreme workouts. Shelly has been my coach for 2 years now and she has given me a new perspective in every aspect of my life. The things I have learned from Shelly go way beyond eating healthy and losing weight. Every time we meet we uncover a new area for growth. Shelly’s humility leaves me feeling understood, never judged, and fully supported. I am a better version of myself because of Shelly’s coaching. Working with Shelly is one of the best investments I have made for myself!"

B.H. Olympia, WA

"My intention was to become aware of deep-rooted emotions involving food. I walked away with a sense of empowerment and a lot of realizations on why I do what I do. New self-awareness around my relationship with food, new awareness regarding how I use food as comfort mostly around fear. A new awareness around how I perceive myself and knowledge for redirecting my thinking. It was one of the best personal growth experiences I've ever had."

Hey! I'm Shelly.

(The lady teaching this thang!)

Most would describe me as an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of music & dance, an adventurer, and a foodie. 

There's nothing I'm more passionate about than personal growth, self-care, and wellness. It’s been an evolving journey that I’ve dedicated myself to for more than 2 decades. 

I'm a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and certified Transformational Life Coach. 

I help women develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that they can feel as freaking fantastic as they deserve to feel in their lives.

I'm not a fan of cookie-cutter programs. We are diverse humans, not cookies. My approach is to share my wealth of knowledge &  insight and support women to find their way to create a fulfilling, healthy, & vibrant life that's sustainable long term.


Ready Master Meal Prepping Your Way?:


Registration is closed. Contact Shelly if you would like to be notified when this is offered again. ([email protected])