Overcome Overeating 

A Mindfulness Journey Along With Practical Steps To Transform Your Relationship With Food So That You Can Feel At Ease In How You Feed Yourself And Feel Better In Your Body.

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What's Different About This Program? 

 If you are here, I’m guessing you’ve tried different tools & tips when it comes to portion control and eating more than you need throughout the day. 

Why don’t they work in a sustainable way?

Because overcoming overeating has a lot less to do with tools & tips and a lot more to do with your relationship with food and learning to listen to your body.

In this program, you'll focus on cultivating mindfulness, and changing how you relate to food. 

You'll develop the skill and habit of listening to what your body is telling you and letting that guide you.

When you apply those 2 focuses, the more practical tips & tools can support you so much more too. 

The result is that you develop a way of feeding your body the amount of food that's just right for you and supports you in feeling good in your body long term. 

You get to feel more ease, enjoy your food, and let go of feelings of restriction and guilt. 

You very much deserve that! 

What If Releasing The Struggle & Guilt You Experience With Overeating Could Feel Like Mindfulness And Self-love Instead Of Discipline & Restriction?

It Absolutely Can - That's The Focus In This Program.

When You Don't Have The Habits Of Being Mindful With Your Food Or Listening To Your Body, It Can Feel Impossible To Curb Overeating. 

  • Devouring a meal to the point of realizing you feel uncomfortably full, but it's too late.¬†¬†
  • The engrained habit of feeling like you need to finish your meal, even though you feel satisfied.¬†
  • Mindlessly eating when you are bored, stressed, or emotional.¬†
  • Snacking all day when you aren't hungry.¬†
  • Feeling guilt and defeat when you eat too much, and continuing the frustrating cycle of not feeling great both physically and emotionally.¬†
  • Feeling like you have to constantly focus on restricting yourself or even counting calories to eat the right amount of food for your body can feel emotionally exhausting.¬†

 In This Program, You Will Change Your Relationship with Food And Your Body Through Mindfulness Practices, & Self Awareness, Along With Practical Tips So That You Can Consistently Feed Yourself Just the Right Amount To Feel Great In Your Body Long Term. 

  • Create¬†mindfulness around eating so that you gain awareness of how much is enough in the moment.
  • Learn to listen to the hunger and satiety cues that your body gives you.¬†¬†
  • Feel physically and emotionally satiated at the end of a meal without overeating.¬†
  • Develop habits that support you in eating when you are actually hungry, stopping when you are comfortably full, and learning to turn to things other than food when you have cravings¬†that are not based on hunger.¬†

Overcome Overeating can help you go from...  

  • From eating more than you need to, to eating the amount that makes your body feel good.¬†

  • From feeling heavy and lethargic to feeling light and energetic.¬†

  • From feeling bloated to feeling comfortable.¬†

  • From feeling guilty about what you eat to feeling pride in how you feed yourself.

  • From mindlessly eating to mindfully eating.

  • From being distracted with and by food to being present with nourishing¬†yourself.¬†

  • From ignoring your body until it's too late to listening to your body and letting it guide you.¬†

  • From self-sabotaging to self-loving.¬†

  • From not trusting yourself around food to¬†trusting yourself and your body.¬†

  • From counting calories and feeling restricted to letting your body guide you in the right amounts.
  • ¬†From struggle to ease with the amount of food you eat.¬†

Hey, I'm Shelly!

Well-being Coach & Mentor, Foodie, Mindfulness Nerd, and Your Guide In This Program.


How Does This sound? 

  • What if you could¬†reach a place where you simply eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied?
  • What if you could develop the habit of being mindful when you are eating so that you naturally ate the amount of food that your body wants?
  • What if you could put an end to snacking all day when you aren't hungry?
  • What if you learned to really truly listen to your body and let that guide you?¬†

That's exactly what I want to support you in achieving in this program.

It's much more enjoyable work than you might think, and the tools you learn here will serve you for the rest of your life. 

A little bit of Shelly's story with food....

I grew up eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) filled with processed food, fast food, lots of white bread, soda, and very little vegetables. The cookie jar was always open for business, and I didn’t have influences in my life that taught me how to relate to food in a healthy way, regulate what and how much I ate, listen to my body, or make choices that supported me feeling good in my body.

I’ve been on a journey of transformation with food for the last 25 years. There are a lot of chapters to my story that include self-education, formal education, teaching myself to cook healthy food, going to rigid extremes with diets, fasts, & cleanses, swinging in the other direction after so much restriction, and finally learning to listen to my body, develop a healthier, more mindful relationship with food, and find balance, ease, & flow with how I feed myself.

Through my own journey and in coaching many women over the years, it became crystal clear to me that when it comes to transforming how we eat, the biggest work we have to do is not with learning what or how to eat, but within our relationship with food. I dove into this work head first both with myself and my clients over the years.

You can learn all about healthy eating, but If your relationship with food is wonky, it will all continue to feel like a struggle.

Healing my own relationship with food has been a journey, and it’s been worth every step of the effort. It’s allowed me to eat a consistently healthy diet that is not rigid at all. It’s balanced and supports me in eating in a way that makes me feel great in my body. My weight, energy, and health are consistent. It doesn’t feel like work or a struggle for me - feeding myself well is an act of self-love and something that I enjoy.

I’m far from perfect, and just like any other relationship in life, I continue to put effort into holding a healthy relationship with food. I have all the tools to do so, and in this program, I’m sharing them with you.

I love to empower the women I work with to focus on cultivating a healthy relationship with food and learning to listen to their bodies as a guide in how they feed themselves.

THIS is what creates consistency & sustainability in feeding yourself in a way that makes you feel good both physically and emotionally!

I'd love to help educate, support, & empower you to develop this for yourself, too.

Bringing Mindfulness To Eating

If I had to choose just ONE tool to teach you that would make the biggest positive difference for you, it would be mindfulness with food.

Most of us were never taught to be mindful with eating, our culture certainly does not influence us in this way, and that is at the core of SO much struggle around food.

When you develop the habit of mindful eating, absolutely everything changes. It's something that will serve you for the rest of your life in a multitude of ways, not just overeating.

Learning To Listen to Your Body And Letting That Guide You

In a very noisy world of diet culture and so much advice, it can be pretty easy to listen to all of the noise, and tune out the most important teacher you have - your body.

Your body truly knows best when it comes to food, and when you learn to listen to it and let your body guide you, not only does everything around food get so much easier, but you develop a deeper sense of self-love and self-trust which has a beautiful domino effect in your life in so many ways. 

The Practical Tools 

You've likely tried a lot of the more practical advice out there on portion control with little lasting success.

Using smaller plates or portioning your snacks can only go so far if you are not working on how you relate to food.

When you bring mindfulness and body awareness into the equation, the more practical tools can actually be so much more supportive for you long-term. We'll include these more practical tips into the work in this program as well, so that you have every angle of support for yourself and can discover what works best for you.  




A 60 to 90-minute class every week for 4 weeks. Replays will be available if you can't make it to class 

  • Wednesday Evenings in September @ 5:30 pm PT / 7:30 pm CT
  • Each week we will explore mindfulness & awareness practices along with practical tips to help you develop the habit of eating the amount of food that feels best for your body.¬†
  • Q&A - ask questions and get coached on how to apply them to best work for you.¬†
  • Leave class with specific focuses to work with over the coming week.



  • Connect with the community of women learning & applying the tools¬†with you.¬†
  • Share¬†experiences, resources, & ideas to support each other.
  • Post what you are doing for accountability to follow through.
  • Celebrate and cheer each other on.
  • Ask questions, & get support and coaching from Shelly anytime between classes.



It's all here, you only need to engage with the course & the group and ask for what you need.

  • Can't make the¬†live classes? You can watch them later. Send Shelly your questions ahead of time and she'll cover them in class even if you aren't there.¬†
  • Ask questions and ask for any¬†support you want in the group, anytime.
  • Need some extra 1:1 support? You'll have access to schedule discounted private sessions with Shelly during the month of this course.¬†

Join Us For Just:


**Registration is closed. Contact Shelly if you would like to know when this is offered again. ([email protected]) **

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Who This Program Is Perfect For:

  • Women who struggle with overeating and know they would feel better in their body and mind if they could consistently eat the amount that feels best for their body.

  • Women who are tired of feeling guilt & shame around how much they eat and want to¬†feel more self-loving in how they feed themselves.

  • Women who have been on & off diets, and have not been able to sustainably manage the portions that they eat long term.

  • Women who are tired of feeling like they have to focus on restricting themselves in order to eat in a way that supports them feeling good in their bodies.

  • Women who are ready to feel more healthy, energetic, & confident in their body, and know that ending overeating will support them in that.

  • Women who are ready to bring mindfulness into their eating habits, learn to listen to their bodies and transform their relationship with food to a healthier one so that it all feels so much easier and more self-loving moving forward.

Who This Might Not Be A Good Fit For:

  • Women with a diagnosed eating disorder. (Unless you have the blessing of your physician.)

  • Women who are looking for a 'quick' & temporary fix for the struggle they feel with food & their body. While a huge impact can be made in this month, this is about developing lifelong habits and requires some patience with yourself and with the process.¬†
  • Women who don‚Äôt have an interest in bringing mindfulness practices into their eating routines.

  • Women who are not interested in doing some self-exploration via mindfulness practices & journaling. (Journaling exercises will be part of the recommendations in this program. If this is something that you feel resistant to, know that even if you don't take part in any of the journaling, this program will still be extremely impactful for you. You get to choose your own journey here. Lots of suggestions and adaptations can be made for you. Feel free to reach out & talk with Shelly about this.)¬†
  • Women who are not interested in engaging in the program and with other participants. Being willing to share parts of your journey and support others in the group is beneficial for everyone participating, including you!¬†

A Note From Shelly On Weight loss And Why You Are Not Reading About It Here:

If you are new to my philosophies as a well-being coach who works with women around food, I have a lot to say about this topic, but here are a few brief points of understanding on why I rarely refer to weight loss. 

  • ¬†I believe that for so many women, the weight loss industry and diet culture has done far more damage than good to women's relationship with food and their relationship with their bodies.
  • The restriction of¬†weight loss focused¬†dieting is often a big part of why women struggle. Overeating can be a natural effect of so much restriction. (any psychology you read on the topic will agree)¬†
  • ¬†Only about 5% of restrictive, weight loss focused diets last long term, keeping women in a frustrating repetitive cycle of loss, gain, and struggle which can further damage their relationship with food and their body and make things feel even more challenging as time goes on. I focus on developing lifelong healthy eating habits in my work with women.
  • ¬†A focus on weight loss tends to encourage a belief within us that our worthiness or beauty is attached to a number on the scale, and I won't ever encourage that. You are a fully worthy beautiful goddess¬†at any size.¬†

So what do we focus on instead?

  • ¬†Learning to eat mostly healthy foods that we truly enjoy so that the ‚Äėdiet‚Äô you develop is sustainable, tasty, and never feels like restriction.
  • ¬†Healing your relationship with food, so that the emotional struggles & guilt associated with food dissipates and you choose to feed yourself nourishing foods in the right amounts with balance & ease consistently.¬†
  • ¬†Cultivating love for your body and feeding your body from a place of love rather than from a place of¬†feeling like you need to change it to love it.
  • ¬†Learning to listen to your body and allowing that to guide you in how, when, what, and how much you eat. Your body knows best.
  • ¬†I focus on helping women develop long-term lifestyle habits and changes that are sustainable and support them in long-lasting health, energy, and feeling good in their bodies with as much ease as possible.

A common side effect of this work is weight loss, and I think it's just so much more healing and self-loving to achieve that by focusing on the above things. It's also way more sustainable. 

  • ¬†I'm NOT saying you should not desire to lose weight - that's a common desire! It's ok! My approach though, is to let go of that being the focus.¬†
  • ¬†Instead, focus on the above things that will support you for the rest of your life in feeling freaking fantastic both in your body and mind. It allows you to step off the rollercoaster of yo-yo dieting, and into lifestyle habits that¬†last for your lifetime.


Have questions or want to chat with me about this? I'm here for it! Schedule a time to chat with me HERE. 

Sarah Hodgen, Olympia, WA

"I initially reached out to Shelly because I was looking to lose weight and eat healthier. I had tried every workout and eating program that existed. I would always have short-term success but nothing would ever stick. I felt like I was trying the same thing over and over again just in a different program. I was stuck! Shelly’s approach to building healthy habits over time made more sense than counting calories, macros, and doing extreme workouts. Shelly has been my coach for 2 years now and she has given me a new perspective in every aspect of my life. The things I have learned from Shelly go way beyond eating healthy and losing weight. Every time we meet we uncover a new area for growth. Shelly’s humility leaves me feeling understood, never judged, and fully supported. I am a better version of myself because of Shelly’s coaching. Working with Shelly is one of the best investments I have made for myself!"

B.H. Olympia, WA

"My intention was to become aware of deep-rooted emotions involving food. I walked away with a sense of empowerment and a lot of realizations on why I do what I do. New self-awareness around my relationship with food, new awareness regarding how I use food as comfort mostly around fear. A new awareness around how I perceive myself and knowledge for redirecting my thinking. It was one of the best personal growth experiences I've ever had."

Hey! I'm Shelly.

(The lady teaching this thang!)

Most would describe me as an outdoor enthusiast, a lover of music & dance, an adventurer, and a foodie. 

There's nothing I'm more passionate about than personal growth, self-care, and wellness. It’s been an evolving journey that I’ve dedicated myself to for more than 2 decades. 

I'm a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and certified Transformational Life Coach. 

I help women develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle so that they can feel as freaking fantastic as they deserve to feel in their lives.

I'm not a fan of cookie-cutter programs. We are diverse humans, not cookies. My approach is to share my wealth of knowledge &  insight and support women to find their way to create a fulfilling, healthy, & vibrant life that's sustainable long term.


Ready Overcome Overeating?


**Registration is closed. Contact Shelly if you would like to know when this is offered again. ([email protected]) **

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